Mobile Chemotherapy Units

Thousands of patients across the UK currently make long journeys to receive specialist treatment. Our high-quality medical trailers have become the preferred option for cancer specialists looking to deliver an alternative, more patient focused approach to treatment away from the hospital environment.

EMS Healthcare works with leading Cancer Charities and Hospitals to create welcoming and restful mobile environments to treat patients closer to home without compromising service quality.

Our latest deployment is for The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. The high-quality, bespoke cancer treatment unit helps to reduce the cost, burden and strain of travelling and increases patient choice whilst still delivering excellent care. Their unit parks in a busy supermarket car park and treats up to 25 people per day. Patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Need more information about our Mobile Chemotherapy Units?

For more information about EMS Healthcare and the wide range of fully bespoke mobile Chemotherapy units that we have available for hire, please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of the EMS Healthcare team will help in any way they can.

Planning Process

Every Healthcare challenge is different. In order to recommend the right mobile healthcare facility for you, we take you through a 5-step planning process:


Will the trailer be at one location or touring?


What type of service will you be providing?


How much space will your clinicians and patients need?


How long will you need the trailer for?


Will it be on hospital sites or out in the community?

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