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EMS Healthcare is one of the biggest providers of mobile dental clinic solutions in all of Europe. We supply fully bespoke mobile dental care vehicles for companies from the dental healthcare sector, enabling these organisations to set up mobile dentist clinics that will take their dental clinics to even the most remote locations.

There are plenty of mobile dental clinic vehicles available to hire from EMS Healthcare, all of which come in a host of different sizes and our mobile dentist clinics can be taken wherever you need to go; EMS Healthcare mobile dental care vehicles have previously travelled across the country both as touring vehicles or single location static trailers.

As you can see, EMS Healthcare has the knowledge and experience to bring your mobile dental care campaigns to life, using our innovative mobile health care vehicles and healthcare management specialists to ensure your mobile healthcare programme runs as smoothly as possible.

Interested in Our Mobile Dental Clinic Vehicles?

Interested in Our Mobile Dental Clinic Vehicles?When it comes to mobile dental care, EMS Healthcare are the experts. We can customise our mobile dentist clinics to ensure that they meet the specific needs of your programme, while our mobile dental care roadshow specialists will manage your campaign from start to finish.

If you would like more information about EMS Healthcare, and the wide range of mobile dental clinic solutions that we have available to hire for your mobile dental care campaign, then please feel free to get in touch.

Planning Process

Every Healthcare challenge is different. In order to recommend the right mobile healthcare facility for you, we take you through a 5-step planning process:


Will the trailer be at one location or touring?


What type of service will you be providing?


How much space will your clinicians and patients need?


How long will you need the trailer for?


Will it be on hospital sites or out in the community?

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