Mobile Dialysis Clinics

EMS Healthcare is one of the leading suppliers of bespoke mobile dialysis clinics for healthcare organisations large and small. We have provided fully customised mobile renal clinics for companies from the healthcare sector to give them the capabilities to take their renal dialysis facilities directly to their patients, wherever they may be.

We have a wide range of mobile renal dialysis clinics available here at EMS Healthcare, with mobile dialysis clinics coming in varying sizes, and what’s more, you can take our mobile renal clinics wherever you need to go; previous EMS Healthcare clients have taken our mobile renal dialysis clinics across many different locations.

As you can see, here at EMS Healthcare we have the state of the art mobile dialysis clinics that you need for your renal dialysis campaigns, and together with our skilled healthcare roadshow management team, will take your renal dialysis services wherever they need to go.

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Here at EMS Healthcare, we have all of the mobile dental vehicles you could need to handle your dental healthcare campaign, whether you need mobile dentist vehicles to take your dental services on the road, or you simply need the extra space that our mobile dental surgery vehicles can provide.

For more information about EMS Healthcare and the wide range of fully bespoke mobile dialysis clinics that we have available for hire, please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of the EMS Healthcare team will help in any way they can.

Planning Process

Every Healthcare challenge is different. In order to recommend the right mobile healthcare facility for you, we take you through a 5-step planning process:


Will the trailer be at one location or touring?


What type of service will you be providing?


How much space will your clinicians and patients need?


How long will you need the trailer for?


Will it be on hospital sites or out in the community?

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