Re-locatable Hospitals

EMS Healthcare is one of Europe’s largest providers of relocatable hospitals & mobile hospital units, providing essential resources to hospitals, healthcare providers & medical organisations throughout the country. With fully customisable and flexible vehicle-based relocatable hospitals available to cater to any specific needs in any situation.

Our fleet of relocatable hospital units have previously been used by hospitals and medical institutions as additional temporary accommodation and capacity, as well as providing undisrupted care for patients during building renovations, construction or moves and during disasters or emergencies too.

One look at the images of our medical trailers and hospital units such as the Liberty Quad & Liberty Plus and you can see the high standard of our service, with valuable features such as waiting rooms, consultation rooms along with treatment facilities and accommodation/wards that meet the strict health and safety requirements befitting of the healthcare industry.

Need More Information About Our Relocatable Hospitals?

Our experience and understanding of hospitals & healthcare professional’s needs is what has helped make EMS Healthcare the market leader in relocatable hospitals. It’s also why we have two distinct categories – static and touring – so that no matter what your needs are, we can assist with our bespoke, versatile solutions at every step of the process.

For more information about the relocatable hospital units or any other hospital treatment solutions EMS Healthcare specialise in get in touch to speak to an advisor either via the phone or our Contact Us page. We’ll be able to discuss your needs and begin work on planning your bespoke healthcare project right away.

Planning Process

Every Healthcare challenge is different. In order to recommend the right mobile healthcare facility for you, we take you through a 5-step planning process:


Will the trailer be at one location or touring?


What type of service will you be providing?


How much space will your clinicians and patients need?


How long will you need the trailer for?


Will it be on hospital sites or out in the community?

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