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Additional Clinical Capacity

It’s no secret that our NHS is struggling. We’re constantly seeing headlines and reading stories about the growing number of patients on waiting lists, appointments being cancelled and hospitals that are struggling for bed space. It’s in these situations that mobile medical units help to provide additional clinical capacity in a fast, flexible and cost-effective way

Our Approach

We understand that every NHS capacity challenge is different, which is why our approach is tailored to meet each healthcare provider and its patients' specific requirements.


Do you have a backlog of patients or waiting time targets to reach?


What rooms/clinical areas does the mobile medical unit need to provide?


Is this an immediate requirement or are you proactively planning ahead?


Will the temporary mobile medical unit be located at a hospital site or community location?


How long do you foresee requiring a temporary mobile medical unit for?

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If you require additional clinical capacity immediately or if you're planning ahead, contact us to explore options. 

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