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Our mobile endoscopy suites have been developed to meet the increasing demand for diagnostic tests. Built in accordance with JAG guidelines, our Trilogy+ fleet are fully integrated, standalone facilities - providing hospitals and Community Diagnostic Centres with a complete endoscopy solution. From procedure through to decontamination, each facility prioritises first-class patient care within a comfortable staff environment.

With patient waiting lists at record levels, NHS Trusts and Health Boards urgently require the resources to deal with the growing demand for endoscopy services. A mobile endoscopy unit can ensure patients do not face delays to their potentially life-saving diagnostic tests.

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“We are absolutely delighted with the mobile endoscopy unit which has well and truly surpassed our expectations. Not only is Trilogy+ equipped and built to a very high standard, but also our staff and patients alike have provided us with excellent feedback. Thank you to all the team at EMS Healthcare.”

Scott Corkin, Deputy Head of Operations, Whiteabbey Hospital

Benefits of a mobile endoscopy unit

Patient Experience

Improve accessibility and convenience to enhance patient experience.


From city centres to rural spots, deliver endoscopy services where they are needed most.

Additional capacity

Tackle growing waiting lists within a compliant and spacious endoscopy environment.

How can Mobile Endoscopy Units support the NHS?

Designed in consultation with NHS professionals, our self-contained endoscopy units can be deployed on the hospital site or in a community setting allowing endoscopists to perform a range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, with the capacity to deliver +24 JAG points per day. 

Utilising state-of-the-art decontamination equipment, provided by Cantel UK Limited, our Trilogy+ units can reprocess up to 6 scopes per hour, ensuring the minimum amount of scopes are required to deliver a cost effective and efficient service. Our unit is backed by a Gold PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) contract from our partner Cantel UK, giving total assurance.

24 JAG Points Per Day

Mobile Endoscopy Suite

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"When we launched Trilogy+, we redefined standards within the mobile healthcare industry. The unit matches the latest facilities found onsite at hospitals, and crucially, prioritises patient experience. It provides NHS Trusts and Health Boards with much needed additional scoping capacity in light of Covid-impacted waiting lists, and we’re really looking forward to expanding our fleet in the coming months to better support the NHS."

Keith Austin, CEO, EMS Healthcare

Community Based Care

With the ongoing rollout of community diagnostic centres, the self-contained Trilogy+ endoscopy suite can be deployed in community settings, improving the availability and accessibility of elective endoscopy services to improve patient convenience and experience. 

Ideal for bolstering capacity, these standalone facilities free up capacity at hospital sites, diverting elective diagnostic procedures away from under-pressure healthcare settings and easing the strain to allow urgent and acute services to operate at maximum capacity.  

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