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Mobile medical accommodation is the future of accessible healthcare. Our specialist fleet of trailers can be configured to any sophisticated clinical environment you require, creating a high quality, patient-friendly mobile healthcare facility that can be easily transported to any location. Whether you’re looking for temporary accommodation at a fixed site or you need to take treatments ‘on the road’ to various locations with a mobile clinic, mobile medical units are a cost-effective and convenient solution. Quick to deliver and simple to install, our highly sophisticated mobile clinics can be tailored precisely to your needs.

Consistent patient care during vital renovation - Mobile medical trailer facilities allow healthcare providers, construction and estate companies the reassurance that treatment is uninterrupted when managing new build or refurbishment projects. Additional capacity is achieved quickly and affordably to meet patient demands.

Taking treatment into the community - Take healthcare services direct to the patient, attending to local needs with speed and efficiency, from busy town centres and supermarkets to more remote rural sites. Our mobile medical units also offer a practical and affordable solution in emergency situations such as infection or natural disasters where urgency is key.

Mobile Healthcare Experts

Our experience in mobile clinical accommodation is invaluable in recommending the most appropriate and practical solutions. With extensive knowledge in this field, alongside decades of mobile event expertise, we can identify unique and flexible solutions to modern healthcare challenges. So get in touch - we’d love to help.