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Mobile testing laboratories: challenge accepted

Jo Quarterman Jo Quarterman

Published 02 August 2020

Mobile testing laboratories: challenge accepted Clinical capacity

The Challenge

While public life begins to feel almost normal again and more people are venturing out, behind the scenes the research and development to find a form of immunity against COVID-19 is still vigorously progressing. Until a vaccine is established and rolled out, we know there will be constant threat of a second wave.

Scientists, private companies, universities, and government departments are working furiously and innovatively to find solutions for efficient, cost effective testing and a safe, effective vaccine. At EMS Healthcare we are driven by utilising our assets to help ease pressing healthcare needs, and as such in response to a number of enquiries it has been a priority of ours to understand how we can adapt our mobile medical units to assist in clinical trials, testing and as mobile laboratories to support in this ongoing, ever changing battle.

Mass testing has become a huge focus in reducing the spread of the virus, with government targets currently standing at 200,000 per day. As businesses, schools, sports venues and other establishments look to encourage people back out from home a quick reliable test that offers people assurance will be invaluable in assisting the economy in getting back on track and regaining people’s confidence.

But how is the healthcare sector expected to continue adapting to the demands of the virus? One particular area that poses a challenge is finding suitable facilities for temporary testing laboratories, clinical trial units and Covid-19 vaccine testing units that can reach the heart of businesses and communities, while meeting strict clinical requirements.

What is EMS Healthcare capable of?

Priding ourselves on our resolution-style approach, we operate and manage the UK’s most flexible fleet of mobile units and take learnings from our 14 years’ experience to provide answers to capacity, refurbishment and out-of-hospital care challenges.

Mobile units pose a myriad of possibilities, which can sometimes come as a surprise alternative to traditional options. We know this because we have - time and time again - innovated in this field, adapting our units to a unique purpose and delivering tangible and transformative results.

Take our mobile decontamination unit, Quad, for example. The installation of a high specification bespoke mobile endoscope decontamination unit was developed in conjunction with the client and was on site 14 weeks from the date of the brief. Our ability to innovate and the flexibility within our fleet were key in finding a quick solution that matched all the criteria.

The process of creating Covid-19 mobile testing laboratories

Our first step in any project is the evaluation of the mobile unit we will be working with as well as any industry guidelines that must be adhered to. For the case of mobile testing laboratories, clinical trial units and Covid-19 vaccine testing units, this means meeting the requirements of BSL-2 and BSL-3, including hand and eye washing stations, automatically closing and locking doors, controlled or directional airflow and access to decontamination facilities.

We then visit laboratories and testing sites and consult clinical staff to ensure we have absorbed the specific requirements, and that the unit is created to replicate the laboratory environment. The production process then begins in our state-of-the-art in-house workshop, where we can manage complex schedules involving numerous contractors, allowing for a swift and smooth operation before delivering the unit to its destination.

We also work extensively to provide site recommendations and surveys, while a dedicated medical unit manager will drive and install the unit at each location.

We don’t do things by halves, so whether the demand is for a fixed location unit, or a rapid response unit that can be deployed quickly to local outbreaks, our passion for our position in the healthcare industry means we are determined to help where we can. We thrive on challenges, and there are countless ways our expertise can assist with the planning, production and implementation of mobile testing laboratories, clinical trial units and Covid-19 vaccine testing units. We may just hold the keys to the solution you’ve been looking for.

If you have a vehicle which you are interested in refurbishing into a mobile medical vehicle, please get in touch.