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Public health education campaign

Client testimonial

We had an exceptional 4 months with some of the best engagement rates we have ever seen and more material orders than ever before.

Claire Cohen

Head of Health Information and Engagement, Jo's Trust

Increasing cervical cancer screening uptake

Reducing the risk of cervical cancer

As part of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust's national campaign, ‘Eradicate Cervical Cancer’, we supported them with taking health education into communities.

With a programme that went into areas where uptake of cervical screening was low, we supported the charity with identifying community locations to communicate with the hard-to-reach.

Cervical cancer health education campaign

Taking education into communities

Some of the best engagement rates that Jo's Trust had ever seen


conversations provided help and support with issues around cervical cancer


information travel wallets were handed out across 66 events


locations to reach out to women in areas where the cervical screening attendance was low

Increasing vaccination capacity

Supporting a future where good health is within everyone’s reach​

City Hackney and South West Essex Primary Care Trust needed to improve uptake on MMR to protect both children and adults against measles. By taking a mobile clinic into the community, we supported the London borough with:

  • Raising awareness of the risks involved with not vaccinating children
  • Delivering 2,191 on-the-spot vaccinations to all unprotected children and adults in the area
  • Exceeding South West Essex’s initial vaccination target by 64%


MMR community vaccination clinic

Client testimonial

By taking the clinic out into the community - directly to where children and parents are, we were quickly able to improve vaccination levels. Parents’ responses to previous MMR appeals have been disappointing, but this time we offered them a very quick and convenient service. The roadshow helped deliver a high-profile marketing campaign explaining why vaccination is so important.

Kathy Abbott

Immunisation Manager for NHS South West Essex

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