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Increasing vaccination capacity

A rapid response to surge vaccinations

Supporting the Department for Health and Social Care, we created a solution that could support with the rollout of vaccinations, particularly within COVID-19 breakout areas.

  • Deployments to support with surge vaccination demand
  • Each unit had a one-way system to minimise crossover and to streamline throughput
  • All deadlines met or exceeded and remained within budget
Mobile vaccination units

Creating additional vaccination capacity

Our high-capacity vaccination units can support with increasing capacity on your hospital estate or within the community.

Vaccinations in the community

8 patient bays

HTM compliant mobile clinic spaces

HTM compliant space

Additional vaccination capacity

Space-efficient footprint

Mobile vaccination clinic

Built on site in 2 hours

Supporting primary care services

Increasing vaccination capacity in the community

Innovations in Primary Care deployed a mobile vaccination unit to support GP practices across West Sussex with their COVID-19 vaccination and booster programme. 

  • Located in community locations, the unit helped to improve access to services
  • Addressed health inequalities by offering appointments in accessible locations for hard-to-reach communities
  • Helped to engage with unvaccinated cohorts


Helping to increase vaccination capacity

Innovative solutions that solve vaccination capacity challenges

Community vehicle

This HTM compliant clinical environment allows for a quick and easy set-up, suitable for multiple moves per day to meet clinical needs.

High-capacity unit

The perfect solution for a multiple cubicle space, this unit can increase capacity to meet rising demands for vaccination appointments.

Talk about your capacity challenges