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Psoriasis research study

Patient recruitment for clinical research

Supporting a dematology clinical research trial

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust partnered with EMS Healthcare to recruit participants for a psoriasis research study. The clinical research study aimed to assess the condition and understand the risk for patients developing other complications.

The dermatology team at the trust hosted a research drop-in clinic calling for people who have a rash, or skin condition that may be psoriasis and were not under dermatology care. The mobile unit enabled the team to engage with the local community and recruit people from diverse backgrounds.

Dematology mobile research unit

Psoriasis clinical research trial

The Outreach self-drive unit was the ideal solution to offer a private, clinical space to assess and engage with patients in high foot fall areas around Leeds city centre.


people pre-screened


provided with dermatology advice


patients enrolled per day who met inclusion criteria of the study

Client testimonial

What we're trying to do is appreciate the burden of the disease and their risk for developing other complications of their condition. The mobile unit has added a really unique angle to this project in that it allows us to work from a busy city centre and it offers a private space to assess patients.

Dr Philip Laws

Consultant Dermatologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Patient recruitment for clinical research

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