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Frimley Park Hospital

Essential treatment, closer to home

As part of a pioneering initiative, we worked in partnership with Frimley Park Hospital to design a mobile macular clinic that offers vision preserving treatment closer to patient’s homes. The mobile macular clinic provides a one-stop assessment and treatment service in convenient community locations including supermarket car parks for up to 50 patients each day. It also eases the travel burden for patients travelling long distances for treatment.

Professor Geeta Menon – Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
“The ophthalmology team at Frimley Park Hospital have always been trailblazers in providing innovative care for patients with eye disease. The opening of the mobile unit marks another step in our exciting journey to providing exceptional care. I am very proud to be part of the team that has helped make our dream service come true.”

Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who was present at the launch commented; "This is the first mobile unit of its kind in England, and is an excellent example of how innovative services lead to better access and improved treatment for patients."

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The Result

90% of patients find the mobile unit more convenient

95% of patients rate their mobile unit experience as excellent

Award winning mobile macular unit creates an additional 250 clinic slots per week