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NHS City and Hackney

Taking the clinic into the community

The sexual health roadshow aimed to increase sexual health disease awareness and provide support. They wanted to double the amount of men they engage with at their clinics whilst providing additional access to testing for HIV, Chlamydia and pregnancy. To promote contraception and raise awareness of a free condom distribution scheme.

Consultant in Public Health, City and Hackney PCT said “We wanted to reach those people who would not necessarily visit their GP or hospital - possibly out of embarrassment. EMS has an excellent track record in helping us to reach out to different communities and we were particularly impressed at the sensitive approach they brought to this project.”


The Result

1,321 free condoms were distributed (40.5% were distributed to 16-19 age group as part of the condom distribution scheme)

Men took full advantage of the screening service (54% HIV / 57% Chlamydia) an excellent achievement when you compare only 10% of visitors to their clinics are male