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Community Diagnostic Centres

Community Diagnostic Centres provide a range of diagnostic solutions including physiology, imaging, pathology, endoscopy, genomics, mammography, ophthalmology and cancer screening.

With the aim of providing services in the heart of local communities, the new CDC service model will deliver quicker and easier access to screening and greater convenience to patients.

EMS Healthcare's mobile units can provide a flexible solution to the implementation of new diagnostic services. Our vehicles can support the process of changing provision during the development of new community diagnostic buildings, bolster capacity at pre-existing facilities or via the hub and spoke model.


“EMS Healthcare has vast experience of providing mobile units in the heart of local communities, so we’re well informed about the benefits of bringing these facilities closer to patients’ homes. First, there is a direct impact on patient attendance. Data from both our Manchester and Frimley mobile macular units revealed that 90% of patients found it more convenient to attend the mobile unit – and 41% saved over 30 minutes’ travel time. Combined, these benefits enable a more efficient throughput of patients and allow the NHS to respond more dynamically to the community’s needs.”

Keith Austin, CEO, EMS Healthcare

Rising demand for diagnostics

Year on year, the demand for almost all areas of diagnostics has been increasing and in some aspects demand outweighed capacity prior to the pandemic. 

The Diagnostics: Recovery and Renewal Report advises that over the next five years, CDCs should be used to both reduce the post-Covid backlog and meet the ever-increasing demand for elective diagnostic services.

Mobile units provide the ideal solution to the challenges that can arise during the planning and development of the new CDC infrastructure. They are also an effective means of bolstering capacity at pre-existing facilities and CDC spokes through satellite locations.

5 Year Plan

Our Approach

We understand that every clinical need can be unique. This is why our approach is tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Which diagnostic service will the unit be utilised for?


What clinical requirements does the facility need to meet?


How long will the CDC mobile unit be needed at each 'spoke'?


Will the unit remain static or take healthcare into the community?


What throughput will be required on the unit to maintain service levels?

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