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Do you need help in establishing more Green Sites and Zones to increase capacity as you begin restarting services?

Mobile units are enabling Trusts across the UK to create 'Green Sites' to support a safe return to Endoscopy, Renal Dialysis, Infusion, Ophthalmology and Lung Screening services.

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Why are mobile units 'Green Sites and Zones'?

Utilising a mobile unit can help to address the below points, giving more capacity and flexibility to your service.​

Strict Patient Flow

The journey of patients can be controlled throughout their appointment

Self Contained

Stand alone units have controlled access away from the hospital setting

2m between bays

Social distancing can be implemented to ensure patient safety


Storage on-board can store all personal protective equipment required

Dedicated Staff

A team can be brought in to care for individuals on the medical unit

Services We Can Help

Our mobile medical units are a fast solution to help your departments get back to pre-COVID activity levels.

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If you need help establishing a Green Site, to help restart your service - get in touch with our team.

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