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The COVID-19 pandemic created a unique challenge for clinical trials, both in the need to rapidly accelerate new coronavirus studies while pausing non-COVID related research. With clinical space at a premium and normal capacity impeded by the pandemic, mobile clinical trial units offer an innovative solution to facilitate these important studies.

On site or out in the community, mobile units provide an agile, flexible and compliant space to support decentralised and hybrid clinical trials.

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"The NHS is currently embarking on the most important trial of early detection for generations. This is the NHS-Galleri Trial which explores how we can detect cancer early when used alongside existing cancer screening. This trial has been set up and recruited at a pace that we have never seen before anywhere in the world, and is showing already great promise with the potential to transform how we detect cancer in this country... rather than people coming to us, we go to them taking mobile trucks into the heart of local communities"

Health and Social Care Secretary, Sajid Javid, World Cancer Day Speech

NHS-Galleri Clinical Trial

In 2021, the world’s largest trial of a revolutionary new blood test, the NHS-Galleri Trial, began on board EMS mobile units as part of a three year study. 

Trialling the Galleri™ test among 140,000 volunteers in England aged 50-77, the study screens participants for more than 50 types of cancer – including those that are hard to detect in their early stages, such as head, neck and oesophageal cancers.

Organised by GRAIL Bio UK Ltd in partnership with NHS England, The Cancer Research UK and King’s College London Cancer Prevention Trial Unit. The EMS Group are providing 11 mobile healthcare spaces and recruiting over 120 clinical staff to support the delivery of this world first trial.

140000 trial participants

Why hybrid clinical trials improve the participant experience


Mobile sites mean participants can reduce their travel and access the trial in local community locations.

Increases Recruitment

Convenience encourages participant uptake and provides easier access, particularly amongst underrepresented groups.

Improved Journey

With dedicated mobile sites the participant journey can be quicker as there no other competing services on offer meaning appointments are more efficient.

Increases Options

Covid-19 has left people reluctant to enter a primary or acute setting unless necessary. Mobile sites give participants the option to engage outside of these settings.

Improves Retention

With convenient locations and shorter appointments, participants are more likely to continue with clinical trials.

"Scientific research and healthcare studies have been integral in the fight against COVID-19, with clinical trials crucial in developing diagnostics and treatments for the virus. We're so proud to support several healthcare providers with much needed temporary infrastructure to expand their research studies, installing mobile units with minimal footprints to increase capacity on crowded hospital estates."

Keith Austin, CEO, EMS Healthcare

Rapid Covid-19 Vaccination Trial Solution

Clinical trials have enabled the healthcare system to better understand COVID-19 and develop successful treatments and vaccines against it. Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust were an integral part of these pioneering studies, ultimately assisting in the successful development of the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

With 7,929 individuals taking part in the Trust's COVID-19 research studies, the hospital needed an innovative solution to rapidly maximise trial space on an already crowded hospital estate. With the most suitable location being a small area away from the main building, our team built and deployed a bespoke mobile unit that would fit the tight space within 3 weeks from project confirmation.

3 Weeks from confirmation to installation

The Yorkshire Lung Screening Trial

The Yorkshire Lung Screening Trial is the largest randomised trial of Lung Cancer Screening in the UK. The trial tests the effectiveness of community-based lung health checks, inviting those at high risk of developing lung cancer to the mobile unit for screening.

The mobile facility travels throughout the community - providing screening within convenient locations such as supermarket car parks and shopping centres. By improving accessibility, the unit can better reach at risk residents to ultimately detect cancer at an earlier stage and improve patient outcomes. With 6,552 people screened so far, the trial has been extended for a further 18 months and now also screens participants for kidney cancers. 


6552 Research Participants

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