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Mobile Vaccination Units

Planning your phase 3 COVID-19 and influenza vaccination rollout?

Research shows convenience increases vaccine uptake through ease of access as well as opening hours. EMS Healthcare's agile and flexible fleet of mobile vaccination units can help target gaps in coverage, meet specific capacity shortfalls and better target hard to reach groups.

Our experienced team can provide you with an end-to-end service, supplying infrastructure, logistics and staffing solutions - saving you vital time and resources. 

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Our Approach

We understand that every clinical need can be unique. This is why our approach is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Geographical Reach

Do you need an agile vehicle with broad geographical reach?


What is the expected duration of your booster program?

Target Groups

What cohort requirements do you need to meet?


What is the required vaccine delivery capacity per day?


Is specialist equipment required e.g. cold chain storage?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have deployed over 50 of our mobile units to NHS and private providers to directly support COVID-19 testing, vaccination and clinical trial studies - one of our proudest achievements. Our fleet of mobile units have been the ideal solution to capacity challenges, being agile, quick to deploy and flexible, allowing local teams to deal quickly with spikes and to rapidly redirect to areas such as Blackburn & Bolton where surge testing and vaccination was urgently required.

Jo Quarterman, Commercial Manager, EMS Healthcare

Mobile Vaccine Units

As the NHS moves into Phase 3 autumn/winter planning for the COVID-19 vaccine booster campaign, the pressures being faced by primary and secondary care are increasing and will inevitably continue to do so as we move into 2022.

To support in easing the pressure, the JCVI have highlighted that co-administering the flu and COVID-19 vaccines in the same appointment will allow more efficient use of resources, give a better service to patients and potentially help to improve uptake of both vaccines.

Our range of specialist mobile units can take your booster program into the heart of community and support the delivery of up to 4,000 vaccinations per week.

4000 Vaccinations Per Week

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