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Bridging the gap with mobile healthcare facilities

Keith Austin Keith Austin

Published 20 March 2014

The idea of bringing healthcare closer to the community is something that EMS-Healthcare has supported for many years. So, I read with interest the article (Designing the Future: Care Closer to Home) in the March edition of Health Estate Journal, which took a look behind the scenes at the new Corby Urgent Care Centre.

Built to provide both primary and emergency care facilities all under the same roof, and in a community-focused building, it has been marked as a first for the sector and an ‘exemplar’ project.

Improving patient choice and the treatment experience is at the heart of new clinical environment strategies such as these, and we’ve been right at the coalface of this movement.

Working alongside healthcare providers and NHS trusts, we’ve provided mobile medical trailers, which meet stringent NHS standards, to address a number of objectives, from taking healthcare to the hub of the community to providing temporary facilities while building work takes place or to support overstretched hospitals.

Most recently we’ve helped Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust relieve pressure on accident and emergency departments over winter with a temporary Urgent Care Centre.

Their temporary centre has been located outside the hospital’s A&E department since the end of January - once linked the 96m2 Liberty Plus medical unit was transformed into a modern clinical environment for community health and care staff to provide minor treatment to patients who don’t need to be seen by a healthcare specialist. The temporary healthcare facility includes three consultation rooms, a dirty utility area, waiting area with children’s area, reception and toilets as well as a private office for staff.

The inspiring aspect of the building solution provided by architects’ Maber for the Corby Urgent Care Centre is that it is providing a facility to bridge the gap between primary care and emergency services in the community.

However, not all healthcare providers have the available A&E space to accommodate such a venture or access to an empty facility on site. Here is where a mobile unit can provide an effective solution.

Our fleet of medical trailers have been developed so that they can be easily and quickly set up with minimal impact and require virtually no site preparation. They provide a viable and flexible option for healthcare providers looking to improve the way that they deliver treatment.

If you are looking to ease pressure at overcrowded A&E departments or have another healthcare objective that needs bridging - please get in touch.