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EMS awarded Heart Health roadshow until 2012

Marketing roadshow specialist EMS has been contracted to manage the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF’s) award-winning Heart Health roadshow for another 12 months.

Laura Nash Laura Nash

Published 14 March 2011

EMS awarded Heart Health roadshow until 2012

EMS has managed the charity’s national roadshow since 2009. It strategically targets UK regions most at-risk of heart disease and is currently halfway through a tour of the West Midlands. It will hit Northern Ireland for three months on 9 May, targeting members of the public who might not normally visit their GP, by visiting busy retail locations and the workplaces of major employers. The latest research studies conducted by BHF will then pin point the next priority regions to add to the tour schedule, that EMS will manage until April 2012.

Deborah Auty- BHF Project Manager said: “We want our roadshow to reach right into the heart of at-risk regions and catch as many people as possible before they realise they have a problem. Our evaluation of the campaign is that the interventions we are delivering on board the unit are having an impact.”

To date 46,022 people most at-risk of developing CVD (Cardiovascular Disease) have had direct communication with the roadshow campaign. Of those, 21,690 have completed an on-board lifestyle check with a BHF heart health adviser and 61% of those receiving checks have joined BHF’s Heart Matters.

Customer satisfaction has exceeded all expectations. Ninety-seven per cent found their time with the BHF Heart Health Adviser helpful while 94% had a better understanding of the effect of lifestyle factors on heart disease. Seventy-three per cent claimed to have made lifestyle changes after 3-4 weeks.