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EMS Healthcare provides a mobile clinic for new NHS prostate cancer campaign

EMS Healthcare today announced a new partnership with Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance to deliver a mobile health clinic in support of prostate cancer awareness. 

Laura Nash Laura Nash

Published 24 May 2023

EMS Healthcare provides a mobile clinic for new NHS prostate cancer campaign Clinical capacity

The six-month programme, which is visiting multiple locations throughout Greater Manchester, aims to find men at risk of prostate cancer, so that they can be diagnosed earlier to ultimately save lives.

EMS Healthcare, based at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, is a leading supplier of mobile clinics to the NHS and private healthcare providers across the UK. The ThisVanCan tour is specifically encouraging black men aged over 45 to come forward, as they are more at risk of developing prostate cancer than other men.   

Mr Sotonye Tolofari, Clinical Director for Urological Cancers at Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance, said: “We’re talking about prostate cancer here and we know from speaking to men that some may have reservations about going to see their doctors or they’re a bit anxious about going to hospital. In this situation, we’re taking the message directly into communities, so a mobile unit is invaluable.” He added: “We’re really delighted with the way the vehicle looks. It’s big, it’s spacious and a really safe clinical space for us to use.”  

ThisVanCan is also open to all men over the age of 45, who have a family history of prostate, breast, or ovarian cancer. This means your father or brother has had prostate cancer when they were under the age of 55 or your mother or sister has had breast or ovarian cancer when they were under the age of 50.

Laura Nash, Head of Outreach at EMS Healthcare, commented: “We are delighted to be working alongside Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance in supporting this hugely important awareness campaign.  A mobile health clinic is a great way to get the message out to hard-to-reach communities and ensure that patients have easy access to the checks they need.”

Find out more about ThisVanCan: