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Introducing Outreach: EMS Healthcare's first self-drive solution

Outreach brings people, organisations and communities together. And now, we're bringing it to you.

Laura Nash Laura Nash

Published 08 August 2022

Introducing Outreach: EMS Healthcare's first self-drive solution Clinical capacity

NHS Trusts, charities and healthcare organisations can now take healthcare directly into the heart of communities. Combining over 20 years of experience, EMS Healthcare's latest innovation is designed to bring care closer to the homes of people who are most in need.

From inner city centres, to rural communities, the self-drive unit is perfect for:

  • Community Diagnostic Centres, as part of the CDC hub and spoke model. 
  • Increasing vaccination capacity in communities 
  • Public health campaigns to raise awareness and educate people face-to-face
  • Mobile laboratories to support with clinical research 

Jo Quarterman, Divisional Director for Clinical Capacity at EMS Healthcare, said: "Outreach is our first self-drive unit designed for Trusts and other healthcare providers to get really into the heart of communities and to help serve those underserved cohorts that are hard to reach."

Outreach offers a HTM compliant clinical environment, which can be quickly and easily set-up, allowing for multiple moves per day to respond to a range of clinical needs. The unit can be driven with a standard driving licence, or as part of our fully managed service providing a driver and clinical staff, sourcing sites and managing clinical waste.

Christophe Hesbert, Director of Operations for EMS Healthcare, added: "Being compliant for the NHS is the most important thing for us. We work within the HTM and HBN to ensure that we have patient flow and a clean environment for practitioners to work with." 

To find out more about how an Outreach unit could help you with taking healthcare services directly into the heart of local communities or tackling capacity challenges, contact us today.