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NHS-Galleri trial reaches its highest recorded number of appointments

Helen Jones Helen Jones

Published 21 March 2023

NHS-Galleri trial reaches highest recorded number of appointments Clinical research

The NHS-Galleri trial had exceeded 1,000 blood draws, the highest amount ever recorded in a single day, for three consecutive days.

This is a major milestone for the Galleri blood test trial, which is designed to see if the test could help the NHS detect cancer early when it is easier to treat, alongside existing cancer screening.  

EMS Healthcare are proud to play an integral part in the study by providing the 11 mobile clinics and over 120 clinical staff. Each unit is sited in convenient locations across the UK, to enable as many people as possible to take part. 

Over 140,000 participants aged 50 -77 have registered to take part in the study after receiving their invitations from the NHS, who will each be invited to attend three appointments over two years. By attending all three appointments, participants are helping researchers understand how to offer the Galleri blood test to people in the future. 

The success of this trial could be fundamental in supporting the NHS to reach their goal of diagnosing three-quarters of people with cancer at an early stage. 

Thank you to the clinical staff, participants and trial partners who have made this incredible milestone possible.

Find out more about the NHS-Galleri trial, by visiting: