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NHS-Galleri trial reaches participant milestone

Helen Jones Helen Jones

Published 18 July 2022

NHS-Galleri trial reaches participant milestone Clinical research

The NHS-Galleri trial has reached its target number of 140,000 participants, in under 10 months from when the trial began.

The trial is designed to see if Galleri blood test, alongside existing cancer screening can help the NHS detect cancer early when it is easier to treat. 

Participants in England aged 50-77 with no history of cancer in the last three years, are invited to attended the three appointments over two years. By attending all three appointments, participants are helping researchers understand how to offer the Galleri blood test to people in the future. 

Sir Harpal Kumar, President of GRAIL Europe, said: "(The NHS Galleri) is the largest trial ever of a multi-cancer detection test. It really is a fantastic achievement to have hit this milestone, and moreover to have done it so quickly... we've been taking in some cases more than 5,000 blood draws a week, it really is an extraordinary number of people."

The success of the NHS-Galleri trial could be fundamental in supporting the NHS to achieve their goal of diagnosing 75% of cancers in the early stages by 2028.

EMS Healthcare are delighted to be playing a key role in the trial by providing the 11 mobile units sited across the country and recruiting over 120 clinical staff. From North Yorkshire to Kent, we have taken mobile clinical units to people across the country as part of the NHS-Galleri trial. 

Congratulations to everyone involved on board the units and to the trial partners who also celebrate this milestone.

To learn more about the trial, visit: