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Communication & Awareness Roadshows

Education is a crucial part of modern healthcare. Better public awareness means earlier diagnosis, more effective treatments and, ultimately, less impact on vital healthcare resources. We have facilitated awareness campaigns from breast cancer, sexual health and smoking cessation to create engaging, interactive events that inspire the public to be proactive about their health and wellbeing. 

For more information on how a mobile healthcare communication & awareness roadshow can help you to reach your audience please contact us.

Planning Process

Every Healthcare challenge is different. To provide you with a vital, tailor made solution, we take you on a 5-step planning process:


Is your goal to raise awareness, educate or change perception?


Who are you looking to target? Specific genders or age groups?


Where do you want to go? Supermarkets, shopping centres?


What does the space need to do? Interactive areas or private booth?


How will you measure the effectiveness? Increase in appointment uptake?

Our Clients