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Mobile Macular Units

A mobile macular unit is a transportable vehicle which can be relocated to provide a range of macular services such as scans and consultations within the community. Mobile macular units can also be stationed on-site at NHS hospitals to provide additional capacity for healthcare professionals to administer patient care in a Covid-safe environment.

Our mobile macular units include consultation rooms, a scanning room and a clean room for injections - taking treatments into the heart of the community and providing a convenient choice of location for patients. Each mobile macular clinic can provide up to 200 additional clinic slots each week, meeting the rise in demand and easing hospital capacity pressures. This ensures trusts and healthcare providers can continue to deliver vital, local, time-critical treatments to patients suffering from Age Related Macular Degeneration wAMD.

For more information about how our mobile macular units can support you please contact us.

Planning Process

Every Healthcare challenge is different. To provide you with a vital, tailor made solution, we take you on a 5-step planning process.


Will you be carrying out simple eye assessments or treatment?


How many treatment/clean rooms will you require?


Will the unit move between sites on a regular basis or remain static?


How long will you require the unit for and how many patients are you treating?


Are you providing out of hospital/community care or additional capacity to the hospital estate?

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