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Mobile Renal Dialysis Units

Our fleet of mobile renal dialysis units and suites ensure effective delivery of life saving treatment. We work to support NHS Trusts and private healthcare providers to facilitate additional patient capacity, ward refurbishments and disaster recovery with our dialysis treatment vehicles. All our 8-bay mobile renal dialysis wards offer a patient reception/waiting area, clean and dirty utility rooms and staff facilities.

For more information about how hiring our mobile renal dialysis units can support your trust, please contact us.

Planning Process

Every Healthcare challenge is different. In order to recommend the right mobile healthcare facility for you, we take you through a 5-step planning process:


Will the trailer be at one location or touring?


What type of service will you be providing?


How much space will your clinicians and patients need?


How long will you need the trailer for?


Will it be on hospital sites or out in the community?