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Respiratory Innovation Wales

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Respiratory Innovation Wales

Mobile Diagnostic Unit

A pioneering project led by Respiratory Innovation Wales (RIW) will deliver decentralised healthcare services to hard-to-reach populations on board EMS Healthcare's Liberty mobile unit.

The study aims to increase convenience for patients and provide an assessment on whether the model can be used as a foundation for other diagnostic provisions. The community diagnostic centre is helping to cut waiting times and access to treatment for respiratory services impacted by COVID-19. 

Dr Philip Webb, Chief Executive, RIW, commented “EMS Healthcare’s mobile units have excellent specifications and the ability to take care closer to home. The facilities are state-of-the-art and EMS has provided excellent expertise in the planning process. Its input into this project has been invaluable.”

Bernadine Rees, Chair, RIW, said "It’s innovative, it’s new, it’s accessible, it will get to the corners of Wales and beyond. Previously we’ve always expected patients to travel to us and in this respect we can actually jump in the unit and move to them."

The Project

The mobile diagnostic unit will cover different geographical areas at 1-week intervals across south and west Wales.

Key objectives include decentralising services, enhancing efficiency and returning patient pathways to pre-Covid rates.

The scope of the study will cover spirometry, FeNo testing, condition management reviews, intervention and ventilation clinics.