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Ninewells Hospital

Easing the pressure on endoscopy waiting lists

With necessary decontamination equipment downtime planned at NHS Tayside and endoscopy demand across Angus, Dundee, Perth, and Kinross higher than ever, extra mobile capacity was crucial for maintaining strong, regular services to address growing waiting lists. One of our most recently launched mobile decontamination units, QuestXL, was selected by the trust to bolster decontamination capacity during a two-year placement.

Steven Kite, Decontamination Clinical Lead at NHS Tayside, said: “The QuestXL endoscopy unit supplied by EMS Healthcare is a critical addition to our estate. By helping to ease the pressures on our endoscopy waiting lists, it is facilitating a crucial healthcare service to thousands of patients."

"With a compact, single trailer footprint and a high scope throughput, QuestXL is the best of both worlds – small, yet incredibly productive. We’ve been delighted with its impact so far and look forward to maximizing its use through to January 2024.”

The Result

QuestXL reprocesses up to 180 scopes per day to better meet growing demand.

Supporting endoscopy capacity throughout the trust's two year placement.

Providing an uninterrupted decontamination service during equipment downtime.