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Mobile Endoscopy Units & Endoscopy Suites

Our mobile endoscopy suites have been developed to meet the increasing demand for diagnostic tests. The mobile endoscopy units have been designed in accordance with JAG guidelines are fully integrated, standalone facilities. They provide both patients and staff with complete endoscopy and colonoscopy solutions, including a connecting mobile decontamination unit to ensure full continuity of service.

For more information about how our mobile endoscopy units can support your trust please contact us.


Planning Process

Every Healthcare challenge is different. To provide you with a vital, tailor made solution, we take you on a 5-step planning process.


What type of endoscopy procedures will you be providing?


Our mobile endoscopy units provide procedure/recovery areas.


Will the unit move between alternative sites or remain static?


How long will you require the unit for and how many patients are you treating?


Are you providing out of hospital/community care or additional capacity to the hospital estate?

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