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"Using mobile units for the NHS-Galleri trial is important for two reasons. The first is that we want to be able to access as many people as possible in the population. By using mobile units, we can go to locations that are easier for volunteers to get to. Second, we didn’t want to increase the burden on the NHS. The mobile units give us an opportunity to undertake the study in all the ways we need to, without adding more pressure on the NHS."

Sir Harpal Kumar, President of Grail Europe

The world’s largest trial of a revolutionary new blood test, the NHS-Galleri Trial, will be conducted on board EMS mobile healthcare spaces as part of a three year study. With the aim of reaching 140,000 volunteers in England aged 50-77, the EMS Group's mobile units and logistical expertise will ensure the trial is conducted in the most accessible locations.

Not only does this decentralised approach improve participant convenience and experience, it also alleviates pressure on primary care settings - where space and capacity is often at a premium. As the future of clinical research moves towards decentralised and hybrid clinical studies, all eyes will be on the NHS-Galleri trial.

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How the EMS Group are Supporting the Delivery of the NHS-Galleri Trial


Volunteers will visit our mobile testing clinics in retail parks and other convenient community locations.


Taking place within the eight NHS England cancer alliances, the units will help reach 140,000 volunteers across the country.


The study will be conducted on board 11 custom built, state-of-the-art clinical spaces with separate welfare facilities.

Clinical Staff

We are recruiting and managing over 120 clinical staff to work on board the units over the three year duration of the trial.

The NHS-Galleri trial - detecting cancer early

The NHS-Galleri Trial is being organised by GRAIL Bio UK Ltd in partnership with NHS England, The Cancer Research UK and King’s College London Cancer Prevention Trial Unit.

The project will trial a new blood test – the Galleri™ test – among 140,000 volunteers in England aged 50-77. Participants will be screened for more than 50 types of cancer in a process that  has potentially extraordinary advances for the detection and treatment of cancer.

The EMS Group are providing 11 mobile healthcare spaces and recruiting over 120 clinical staff to help deliver the trial. 

140000 Volunteers over the 3 Year NHS-Galleri Trial

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